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Reader Response - Mar 28 2013 edition

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Reader Response - Mar 28 2013 edition

Challenge? What challenge?

The leadership challenge that wasn’t in Canberra last week provided ample fodder for readers of our website: www.wabusinessnews.com.au


WHEN a country is at war, a certain type of leader is required to command.

Winston Churchill led UK during WWII and was then replaced with a better peacetime leader. 

Today, Australia is in the middle of a global economic war and requires a competent leader with the right skills and the ability to cut across political lines and draw upon the world-class business experiences we have access to here. 

For the country’s sake let’s put politics behind us (at least for as long as it takes) while together we show the world our capability. We have everything except leadership.

Grant O’Connell 


THE saddest part is that the government had already proved to be bad, incompetent and wasteful at the last election, but was still voted back in.

I’ve come to the conclusion most people vote for whichever party they think is going to give them the most, either by way of pension, social security, health benefits, tax breaks or cash bonuses. For most people, voting for a competent government is secondary.

P Sheldon


BEWARE the Ides of March. The knives are out and Caesar Gillard is terminal.

Peter Stewart 


It should be noted that the Ides of March is the 15th.

A Haines


“IN the meantime, take your best shot.”

Prime Minister, there is no need, you are doing just fine on your own. 

Labor has become a toxic political brand; from the complete lack of leadership, poor decision-making, poor policy and total lack of fiscal credentials among the crop of incumbents. 

I am sure those who have supported and believed in Labor’s core values must be at an absolute loss. C’mon Australia, let’s realise the mistakes of the past and give this shambolic rabble its well-earned leave – hopefully for a long time. 

It’s going to take a fair while and a lot of political courage to fix the mess they have created.

Paul H


What a circus and a mess this government is. What a joke we must be to other countries.

Fred Bloffwitch 


Why worry about 457?

With regard to the article: ‘Industry slams Fair Work’s new 457 role’ …

THINK about it; if the system is not failing and everything is above board, then why on earth is Mr Pearson so worried about the government overseeing the visas?

Bruno Davies 


No win on booze

With regard to the article: ‘Reduce pub trading hours, study suggests’ …

WHEN trading hours are decreased, people tend to fill up on alcohol either before they go out or they rush to get as many drinks in before the bar closes at the end of the night. 

Both make things worse, so reducing hours is quite a naive recommendation in my view. Raising the price of alcohol has a limited effect (and it should noted that it is very expensive anyway). 

What also happens is that people will reduce their drinking to a few special occasions, but drink more anyway, which again makes things worse.

A Haines


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