Rates race to the bottom

As is the case with most wars, there’s never agreement on who fired the first shot; not that it really matters in a hot war or the currency front, which is rapidly engulfing the world and should soon involve action by Australia.


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Perth Australia
The low quality of life and salaries in the emerging countries undermine the ability for the more developed countries to compete. Unless barriers to entry and national independence for key consumables are created, the pace of decline in the developed countries will far outstrip that of the developing world improvement to create balance. The global economy has seen large corporations gain excessive power over political decision. However, their investment in the merging economies to allow them greater margins and reduced production costs ensure their support for open markets. In time, their local markets will decline in line with declining living standards. It's really time now for quality of life needs to drive change in the capitalist system; perhaps its already too late..

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