15/10/2020 - 15:52

Rare & Collectable: Argyle Pink Diamonds

15/10/2020 - 15:52


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From the depths of the earth to the pinnacle of luxury, Argyle pink diamonds are the most rare and collectable diamonds in the world.

These incredible diamonds are becoming even more sought after as the Argyle Mine is preparing to close at the end of 2020, having exhausted its economic production. With it, the rarity of its precious pink diamond production intensifies with each passing day.

Since 1984, Argyle Diamonds has mined the world’s largest supply of beautiful natural coloured diamonds, none rarer than the Argyle pink diamond. Argyle pink diamonds are recovered at Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine in the North of Western Australia, the principal source of the world’s pink diamond supply.

Never before has there been a diamond mine that consistently produces rare pink diamonds like the Argyle Diamond Mine. The pinks are extremely scarce representing much less than 0.1% of the total diamond production of the Argyle Mine.

It  takes over a year for a rough Argyle pink diamond to journey from the mine to its final destination as a polished gem ready for the fine jewellery market.

As a trusted Argyle Pink Diamond Select Atelier from the earliest days of the mine in the 1980’s and a long-time curator of these rare and collectable gems, Linneys boasts one of the best collections of loose Argyle pink diamonds and jewellery in Australia. Linneys long relationship with Argyle pink diamonds means they have significant experience in creating unique jewellery featuring these special gems. Active in the annual Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, Linneys has successfully promoted these collectable diamonds to international and local clients alike for some 35 years.

The market for pink diamonds is somewhat separate to that of classic white diamonds. Due to their rarity, pink diamonds typically command prices far in excess of their white counterparts. As a general “rule of thumb” pink diamonds of a similar size and quality will be 25-35 times the price of an equivalent white diamond.



The diamonds unearthed reflect the full range of hues found in the vivid and colourfully saturated sunsets and landscapes of Western Australia’s east Kimberley region, with hue, tone and saturation being the most important factors to consider. The more intensely saturated pinks are higher valued to reflect their scarcity.

Linneys has an exceptional showcase of loose Argyle pink diamonds for sale, either as highly sought after collectables or to be crafted into a stunning piece of jewellery. Rarity, uniqueness and a finite nature drive the value of the Argyle pink diamond in much the same manner as fine art. Both assets share similar characteristics and belong in the world of connoisseurs and collectors.

If you’re interested in purchasing a loose pink diamond or a special piece of jewellery to cherish as a family heirloom, Linneys experienced team can work closely with you. The team at Linneys has a combined 120 years of experience with Argyle pink diamonds.

Like all natural resources, the Argyle Mine is a finite resource which comes to a end in late 2020. Linneys Creative Director Justin Linney said “the imminent closure of the mine has certainly been reflected in the continued appreciation in value of these rare diamonds. There has been an increasing awareness among collectors that the global supply of pink diamonds is running out, which is reflected in their steadily increasing value. What we’ve seen over the past 20 years is the pink diamonds have been appreciating in the order of 10 to 15% per annum,” he said.

If you’re interested in purchasing a pink diamond there is no better time than the present. Going forward we will see the supply of pink diamonds significantly reduced while demand globally is expected to continue growing.

For more information visit linneys.com.au or contact Linneys for a private appointment.


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