State Development Minister Bill Marmion. Behind (l-r) him are Liberal adviser Colin Edwardes, property developer Nigel Satterley with his adviser, former Labor MP Ron Edwards, and Labor's Mark McGowan, Paul Papalia and Fran Logan. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Protests, lobbying prompt land buffer review

State Development Minister Bill Marmion has told protestors outside parliament that the environmental watchdog would review the government’s plan to extend the buffer zone around the Kwinana industrial area.


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Western Australia
Independent Candidate for the Senate, representing all of Western Australia, not political parties from the Eastern States. I was at this rally, in the photo above with the blue scarf. Residents and the communities are being held to ransom by stories of dust to sterilise an area for the benefit of big business or the State Government. I am not surprised by the “dust” scare tactics used as an excuse to put a buffer around the Kwinana industrial areas so that its tenants can run dirty businesses. Ports and heavy industry businesses have a responsibility to run clean businesses, not only for their workers and the environment but also residents who want to live near where they work. Traffic congestion would be solved over night if more residents live near their place of work. The Port of Esperance was made to clean up its act after it allowed lead dust through the Port. The residents fought back to keep living in their town. Instead of moving the residents out or putting in a buffer zone to stop residents living there, the Dept of Environment and Conservation issued a section 73A to close the port in 2007 after pressure from residents. Port Hedland is also being subjected to a buffer zone by stealth. The Port Authority has done nothing to mitigate dust levels in the heritage west end of Port Hedland. Instead they issue reports on how bad the dust is, offering warnings to scare people not live there. The council has been complicit in allowing the Authority to get away with the dust using the Scheme to make it impossible to build new homes or renovate existing heritage of the town. If dust is a problem, issue a section 73A and clean up these dusty towns and zones so that residents can live near their place of work, and Port Hedland’s heritage can be useful and protected. Port Hedland is celebrating 120 years this year. It’s my home town. I was born and raised in the dust from shipping at 31 Moore Street Port Hedland. I want the scare tactics to stop and the Port Authority to clean up the dust.

Why the push to legislate the buffer that will devalue residents homes and reduce their use on the property, so they cannot maintain their businesses from home, sell or subdivide. The Mandogalup residents do not want to live in an industrial area. Alcoas operations have destroyed Wattleup and Hope Valley and now Mandogalup. If the government passes this legislation with no evidence of dust, then this will enable Alcoa to keep spreading the buffer and cintinue to take over residents homes. We will be living in a polluted nightmare and Alcoa has the right over your land and what you do with it. The fear of dust is another crazy scare tatic used to gain control of more land so they can pollute their wastes.

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