11/11/2009 - 14:35

Proposed new housing codes for WA

11/11/2009 - 14:35


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The state government has released proposed new housing codes for higher density areas for public comment today.

Proposed new housing codes for WA

The state government has released proposed new housing codes for higher density areas for public comment today.


The announcement is below:


Planning Minister John Day is proposing to introduce separate planning controls for higher density housing to facilitate and better regulate this type of development in urban areas.

Releasing the proposed Multi Unit Housing Code for public comment today, Mr Day said the proposed code would be incorporated into the State's existing Residential Design Codes.

The Minister said the proposed changes, based on extensive consultation with the industry and local governments, would expand the current provisions of the R-Codes into a separate and simplified section for multiple dwelling developments (multiple dwellings over multiple floors).

"The R-Codes have worked well in guiding the development of single houses and grouped dwellings, but in their present form, they do not recognise the need to provide different types of appropriate housing forms, nor do they encourage multiple dwelling developments in medium density areas," he said.

"We're proposing two separate parts to the Residential Design Codes, one which applies to single houses and grouped dwellings and one which applies to multiple dwellings and the residential component of mixed use developments.

"The major elements are: new maximums plot ratios; new maximum site covers; new height controls and parking requirements based on proximity to public transport.

"Other significant changes include the removal of minimum lot size requirements; introduction of minimum and maximum dwelling size requirements; and the introduction of activity centre zones.

"These changes will help accommodate population growth through urban infill, a main objective specified in the Directions 2031 draft framework which I released earlier this year.

"By expanding the permissible range of housing in individual residential codings, the new code will more effectively meet the housing needs of the community.

"It will enable developers to deliver diversity and choice in housing, particularly in relation to the quality of design of multi unit developments. It will also facilitate the development and redevelopment of existing sites.

"The changes also help support the State Government's intention to increase activity centres and mixed use developments in urban areas."

The proposed Multi Unit Housing Code and the accompanying explanatory guidelines are available from the Planning WA website at http://www.planning.wa.gov.au/comment.

Public submissions will be accepted from today until January 22, 2010.


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