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Property leaders call for council reform

Housing industry experts have predicted Western Australia’s property turnover will return to its long-term average in 2013 but warned the rental market would remain tight, and called on the state government to get on with enacting local council reforms to remove barriers to supply.


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Be careful what you wish for, generally the smaller/medium sized Council's have better relationships with developers, super sized Council's will have more levels of red tape and less delegation at the lowest level creating less efficiency. And what about the state governments roll in delays and barriers noting Local Government is bound by a state planning legislative process

Local Government is not the barrier to the supply of new housing. If a builder has a block of land and brings a Certified application to the LGA, then all thats needed is the issue of a permit. But if an Uncertified application is submitted then the LGA has to go through the process of certifying the application before issuing a permit. This certification process can not occur if the builder does not provide sufficient information. The provision of new blocks of land is not at the discretionof Local Government. The West Australian Planning Commission are the decision making agency in this instance. As for the builders complaints about the new building act, all i can say is they got what they asked for. During the new acts preperation process, industry was the one who wanted to change to a private certification process. But now they complain about having to comply with the new higher level of documentation

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