The report found Perth residents want the quality-of-life spinoffs of density, including safety.

Property Council wants density debate changed

A report commissioned by the Property Council WA has found many Perth residents value the benefits of density.

The report from strategic communications consultancy Meerkats found that, in general Perth, residents want the quality-of-life spinoffs of density such as safety, being able to easily get around, a sense of community, and affordability.

The report, however, did not specify how many people were surveyed, or provide quantitative data on responses.

Property Council WA executive director Sandra Brewer it was crucial to turn the conversation on density around because well-designed, integrated medium-density development met those needs.

"Governments of all persuasions know that more quality urban infill in Perth is crucial to making housing affordable for future generations," she said.

"Despite leadership from state governments and the property industry, many people in the community are uncertain about or downright hostile to increasing density in our suburbs.

"The benefits of increasing density are clear, so we need to ask what's behind that concern.”

The Property Council said it commissioned Meerkats to find out what the community wanted and how to change the conversation about density from one of fear to one about the beneficial side effects that would win community support.

The report recommended talking reframing the conversation away from a problem-solving focus, such as how to accommodate population growth and stop urban sprawl, to one focused on benefits.

Benefits included how economising space reduces the cost of buying into an area, creates a greater sense of security and enables people to get around easily.


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