Commercial landlords want their tenants to emerge from the current economic crisis.

Property Council WA supports efforts to ease virus pain

Property Council WA Executive Director Sandra Brewer has offered the State Government industry support to protect incomes, jobs and solvency as WA battles to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Ms Brewer said the Property Council of Australia had offered to work on devising model laws for commercial tenancies experiencing hardship.

“We are ready to work with the State Government - which has been doing a very good job under extremely challenging circumstances - to ensure that we can limit the loss of jobs and put the industry on a strong footing to support an economic recovery,”  Ms Brewer said.

“Commercial landlords want their tenants to survive this economic crisis, so they are ready for a recovery.

“It is early days but building owners are already working with their tenants, case by case, on workable solutions. Let’s not forget that property owners come in all shapes and sizes, some small, some with more capacity to help. Our members tell us they are listening to their tenants, talking to them and trying to come up with practical solutions.

“We welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement that State and Territory governments will work on model laws for commercial tenancies experiencing hardship. We will work with governments to implement them.

“We also welcome the Australian Banking Association’s announcement that its members will offer small businesses access to deferred loan payments for six months.

“Businesses will need relief from rates, land taxes and some may need support with bills. The Property Council has provided State and local governments with quick actions to pass on relief to tenants. 

“Many businesses will depend on support from all levels of government with sustained support from local communities.

“As well as initiatives delivered by Property Council members, State and Federal governments and the banks, we believe local governments have an important role to play.

“Many have substantial reserves and the capacity to support local enterprises. We believe now is the time for local government to make a meaningful contribution to the businesses that have contributed to those reserves.

“We’re ready to work with the State Government to reduce red tape to ensure there are no regulatory impediments to business survival.”

Sandra Brewer is Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia