25/10/2005 - 22:00

Program highlights success

25/10/2005 - 22:00


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It seems to come around so quickly every year, but our search for the 40under40 has started already.

Program highlights success

It  seems to come around so quickly every year, but our search for the 40under40 has started already.

From its inaugural year in 2002 when the program snared big corporate hitter Mark Barnaba as a winner, 40under40 has continued to grow both in the number of entrants and the size of the event held in February.

The program aims to highlight 40 success stories of people under 40.

Some like Mr Barnaba and a host of others have already made it and don’t need an awards program to prove their success – yet they have chosen to participate.

Others have created the building blocks for a successful career or business and show promise of joining the ranks of the successful.

Not all are from business and many come from regional areas.

At WA Business News we appreciate all these varied winners, who now number 160.

Part of the awards each year is the naming of the 1st Amongst Equals, which highlights one of the winners as an ambassador from the program. Apart from this recognition, that individual receives a host of terrific prizes, from airfares to jewellery, in a package worth around $30,000.

It is exciting project for us and has grown a life of its own as more and more people have grown to understand the program’s principles – it is there to showcase Western Australia’s business and management talent, attempting to recognise stars who have risen and identify the rising stars.

WA Business News understands that it is tough for many of these people, residents of egalitarian Australia, to put themselves forward for an award. That is why we use tall poppies as symbols of the awards.

We challenge our readers to make sure that anyone who is a suitable entrant to the program is nominated by going to www.40under40.com.au


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