06/07/1999 - 22:00

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06/07/1999 - 22:00


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THE State Government has taken another big step forward with the announcement of the details for the proposed sale of AlintaGas next year.

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THE State Government has taken another big step forward with the announcement of the details for the proposed sale of AlintaGas next year.

A key part of the proposal is to sell the majority of the gas utility in a public float, giving all Western Australians a chance to have shares in the business.

Up to 49 per cent of AlintaGas will also be sold by competitive tender to a trade purchaser through a Cornerstone Initial Public Offering.

The proposed sale follows the success of a number of major reforms the government has been introducing into the state’s gas market over recent years.

The reforms have brought enormous benefits to the state through increased competition in the energy market and, with the complete deregulation of the gas market due by mid-2002, there is no reason now why the government should be in the gas distribution and trading business.

We want to move ahead with the sale and have introduced legislation in State Parliament to enable us to do that.

Money from the sale will be used to retire debt and for capital works projects.

New business opportunities are likely as a result of an agreement between the Western Australian Gov-ernment and Italy’s famous Tuscany region.

The President of the Toscana Region, Vannino Chiti, was in Perth at the end of June to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on economic and cultural collaboration.

Western Australia and Tuscany have a great deal in common and the agreement presents an ideal opportunity for us to work together to develop new markets and exchange technology.

WE’VE seen some fine examples recently of the innovative ability in Western Australia.

This includes work by local designers in fields as diverse as architecture and fashion.

Major projects, including the bell tower planned as part of the Barrack Street Square Development and the new Maritime Museum at Fremantle, reflect the depth of talent and capacity for innovation among our architects and engineers.

Similarly, our fashion designers showed their capacity to develop new and individual ideas in the Western Australian Fashion Awards.

These sorts of skills, combined with flair and enthusiasm and backed by the ability to make things happen are valuable talents that will take Western Australia into the next millennium as the Smart State.

THE end of June was also a time of great sadness as we farewelled an outstanding Western Australian, Michael Kailis.

He was an extraordinary contributor to our State in so many diverse business, community and family activities.

I regard Michael as a great Australian pioneer who had a ‘can do’ attitude to life.


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