Power Ledger stays on Techboard's top spot

Power Ledger remains in the top spot on Techboard’s ranking table for the second fortnight running, having announced its first commercial deal for the provision of its technology platform.

The startup, which allows consumers to trade surplus electricity directly with other consumers, has signed a deal with New Zealand network operator Vector, which will see it reaching 500 solar households, schools and community groups in Auckland.

The company scored high in mindshare with strong social media engagement, press coverage and web rankings, and received several nominations from Techboard’s panel of Experts.


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Startup Launch Date

27th-Cribber03 Jun 2016
28th-QuizJam16 May 2016
29th-Power Ledger15 May 2016
30th-Offpeak Games03 May 2016
31st-Prevyou02 May 2016
172 startups ranked by launch date

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