Taxpayers could be left carrying the can if Labor wins the March election and follows through with its plan to stop Roe 8. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Politics drowns out effective water policy

ANALYSIS: Politics is getting in the way of timely and cost-efficient delivery of much-needed major projects.


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Successive Governments and their monopoly Water Corporation, have been treating the "water using taxpayers" as complete idiots since the advent of our so called Water Crisis in 2002. Their hypocrisy from then until now, has to be the greatest and most hypocritical deceit ever on the taxpayers of Western Australia. At that time and right through until now, they have been blaming "climate change/Global warming for our water shortage. They were running full page newspaper ads, together with TV ads, effectively saying the water crisis was an "Act of God" in that high CO2 emissions were restricting rainfall and not their poor planning or mismanagement. They put us all on strict water rationing (still in place) and asked us to reduce our carbon footprint. Their hypocrisy was to install two of the most expensive, power guzzling, polluting monstrosities known to man, when their was a far better, cheaper, non polluting alternative in Wellington Dam. Agritechsmartwater put up a proposal to successive Governments and the Water Corporation whereby we would build, own and operate a gravity powered reverse osmosis plant near Brunswick Junction, but the difference with their seawater alternatives was it's gravity powered treatment would be used to treat the 45 billion litres of slightly saline water they discharged to the ocean each year This form of power is referred to as hydraulic or hydrostatic head or gravity and is the most unique power source available because it has no capital cost, operates day or night, in wind rain, sleet or snow, has no moving or wearing parts and produces zero CO2. We ran an extensive campaign giving all these details from 2005- 2008 and they were extremely supported by the public, especially because the cost difference to consumers in 2008 was $1.6 billion dollars and in 2016 had risen to over $3.0 billion. Our Wellington Dam project has been described worldwide, as the epitome of best environmental, social and cost benefit and it's using a resource that has continued to be wasted for 30 years. Agritech-hydropower also devised and developed projects to correct salinity in the SW catchments including the Blackwood, Avon and Murray. salinity in these catchments had claimed over 2.5 million acres of our prime agriculture land and every river, stream and lake. Country towns have been decimated by this cancerous scourge and the governments don't care, preferring to use taxpayer funds to build monuments to their own ego's. I would also list all the other government disasters but lack of space limits me to Fiona Stanley Hospital, the Children's Hospital, the Stadium with no pre-signed agreements and contracts, Victoria Quays etc. I have spent millions of dollars proving our projects, using the best multi disciplined engineers, hydrologists, dam and hydro-electric power experts and water reticulation and pipeline experts over the past 14 years and I am mentally and physically exhausted and I need a big lift from the West Australian public to see these projects through to completion for the benefit of all West Australians. Elections are the appropriate vehicles to let the government's high handed approach stinks and their political careers are about to end. Peter Coyne Project Co-ordinator Agritechsmartwater/Agritech-hydropower Australind WA 6233 Mobile 0406012100

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