The City of Subiaco's council believed the size of this building was inappropriate for the area.

Planning problems in Subi, South Perth

The City of Subiaco has been trumped by the metropolitan west development assessment panel, while residents in South Perth face a two-month wait to learn the fate of a contentious apartment project on Mill Point Road.


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The people who make these decisions seem to have no concept of the importance of the social values at a local and regional level, these people are detached from the lived reality. It is such a shame that the state government bodies have been given the balance of power over the local and regional residents and stakeholders. Economic values seem to be more important to the state government. It is not in an equilibrium at all. It seems to be that if you want improved traffic flow then building new highways seems to be the prime choice, if the state government objectives of providing more housing want to be achieved then the prime choice has been to allow such terrible developments which merely provide increased housing in terrible areas, in ways which do not respond to the local context. The questions that need to be asked include if this housing is really affordable or accessible, the quality of the whole local area and the integration of the development, sure "put some mixed use in" but that defeats the purpose, it only meets targets and not quality planning outcomes, the whole area needs to be considered, and multiple sites developed in unison to achieve better social outcomes. Development further does not mean to demolish, at the expense of heritage or heritage and sub-cultural values and attitudes

Glenelg Street
Hi Alice. Well said from a person who obviously knows what they are talking about. This is a hard one as the precedent has been set when Bondy started all this back in the 80's. However, I would like to talk more with you in regards to what can be done in this day and age. Kind regards, Mike.

East Perth
There is local government representation on the Development Assessment Panels. In addition, the Local Government planning department provides comments on the proposals and makes a recommendation for approval or rejection. The claim that DAPS are not representative is not correct. They were set up to take out the local politics from decision making while still providing the local community with significant input.

Townsville, Queensland
The City of Subiaco fiasco is a common scenario in Local Government where professional staff formulate recommendations based on existing legislative requirements and provisions only to be overridden by Councilors whose decisions, although maybe well meaning, are often based on emotion, in some cases self interest and unsubstantiated opinion. The Council's refusal of the development application may well be the correct outcome however without the legislation to support that decision, it is a farce and to defend it, a waste of ratepayer money. The simple answer is Subiaco obviously needs a new Town Planning Scheme which should achieve a balance between character retention, lifestyle choice and progress

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