02/10/2020 - 15:50

Perth to develop new hydrogen bus

02/10/2020 - 15:50


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Perth-based industrial technology company Warpforce has joined forces with US-based company HYZON Motors to develop a hydrogen bus.

HYZON Motors is a US-headquartered hydrogen mobility and clean energy company that is accelerating the energy transition with a focus on decarbonizing commercial vehicles.

Perth-based industrial technology company WarpForge has joined forces with US-based company HYZON Motors to develop a new hydrogen bus. 

HYZON will incorporate hydrogen fuel cell technology with WarpForge’s composite material capabilities to deliver a new bus shell.

The shell aims to provide significant weight savings, longer driving ranges, reduced manufacturing costs, improved safety features and emission-free driving and be fuel efficient.

Development of the prototype will take place at WarpForge’s facilities in Perth and is expected to start in 2021.

Executive Chairman of WarpForge Brian Maloney said the company shares HYZON’s vision for scientific innovation and are excited to create value for the global mobility market.

“We’re pleased to have secured this agreement with this pioneering group in global zero-emission mobility and look forward to developing this partnership as we collaborate on this exciting SuperBus vehicle,” Mr Maloney said.

WarpForge shares HYZON’s vision for scientific innovation and is excited to develop some of our IP portfolio further to extract value for our stakeholders, creating value for the global mobility market.”

Earlier this year HYZON said they would supply hydrogen fuel cell-powered coaches to FMG's Christmas Creek.



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