Perth the nation's second most expensive city

Perth has been ranked Australia’s second most expensive city to live in, but it’s not Sydney where cost of living is higher among the nation’s capitals.


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On a hiding to nothing over here arent we? Real estate crashing, effectively in a recession, yet we are still expensive. Something has got to give here.

It is always disheartening to know that Western Australians can travel overseas with airfares and accommodation coming in cheaper than a holiday in Perth with just accommodation costs. Even the restaurants are more expensive than in other countries. The question needs to be asked - "What is the State Government doing to identify the reasons, investigate and implement solutions and allow all Australians and the world to thoroughly enjoy all that Perth has to offer"?

debt slavery is the means to keep the populace under control - by design cant have us thriving and freethinking and overthrowing and the like.. it just wouldn't be cricket.

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