Instatruck founder Siobhan Lancaster says the app has initially been started to help struggling owner operators at the end of the mining boom. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Perth startups delivering solutions

Need warehouse space in a hurry? Then Kevin Forcier and his Storekat startup might have a solution for you.

Mr Forcier has used his experience in resources sector logistics as a launching pad for the online portal, which locates excess warehousing capacity for businesses needing to store equipment and inventory on demand.

His move into the startup space evolved from an issue a few years ago, when he was required to store a large amount of equipment at short notice due to a project having been put on hold.


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Startup Launch Date

36th-Plan-et01 Mar 2016
37th-Dive n Dry16 Feb 2016
38th-Storekat15 Feb 2016
39th-Summer Bees17 Jan 2016
40th-Gigger15 Jan 2016
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