Perth’s bad driving key to congestion fix

Addressing Perth drivers’ notorious inability to merge has emerged as one of Main Roads’ key strategies for reducing congestion.


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Zip merging, as its called promotes bad driving. Who ever is in front, no matter by how much has (technically) the right of way when merging. Being from the UK, I'm now used to it and understand the concept but much prefer the UK model of the person in the lane that is not disappearing has right of way, BUT the roads are so much better laid out. Longer warnings your lane is disappearing and much much longer on off ramps to give you time to get into the main highway. Don't think the roads in Perth are going to change much as the cost would be enormous. We will just have to maintain the "Whacky Races" on the Freeways.

I think you've misconstrued the 'zip' merging concept, it is not just who is in front but a one on one concept where the person who is in front has right of way then the person opposite and back and forth, one from right then one from left and so on, this works all over North America but seems to have been a missed import to Australia. Also as bad, not using on ramps to get to freeway speed to make merging seeded. This also needs some educational focus.

Mt Claremont
All these suggestions help but it doesn't address the underlying cause of congestion and that is reducing the people per vehicle footprint. Wherever practical and as soon as possible, we need to leave our comfy cars at home during the working week and adopt the latest technology freeway speed electric scooters, see for more information. Using this terrific technology is the quickest, simplest way to reduce the people per vehicle footprint and despite the price, they pay for themselves inside two years. Theo Marshall. Mt Claremont.

If Main Roads were serious about reducing congestion then they should try turning off most red filter arrows, permitting left turns on red and increasing the speed limits on major arteries. Quicker journeys will result in less congestion as each car will be on the road for less time.

Whoever designed the new merging lane at the bottom of Greenmount Hill [East of Midland] needs their head read.

Remove the merge points all together. Without incentive, very few Perth drivers will change their approach to driving. Simple as that.

Absolutely Agree with you Russell Collins!! I'm from the east and there are 'Keep left unless overtaking" signs everywhere there; where are they here? Ignorant drivers that sit in the right hand lane going under the speed limit is beyond inconsiderate. Merging and keeping left are two of the daily frustrations I have with Perth drivers. I think it comes down to a lack of awareness drivers have of their surroundings, rather they think they are the only people on the roads.

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