Perth median house price rises

Increased first home buyer activity and a lift in turnover of higher priced properties have bolstered Perth’s median house price, which rose 3 per cent in the December quarter. 


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Increasing house prices in Perth is not a good thing because it makes owner-occupying even more UN-affordable. Why don't newspapers and REIWA talk more about how worse off we all are when house prices rise. Shame of REIWA for 95% of the time praising house prices increases instead of condemning them. WA newspapers and the government hyper-inflate house prices more by reporting nothing but 'positive' news about house. I want to hear more about how migrants are pushing up house prices, how financiers are the real beneficiaries and are pushing up house prices, how newspapers are pushing up house prices by never reporting how stupid it is house prices can be so unaffordable in such a 'rich' country. People shouldn't be able to rent out a house unless they have built the thing themselves - why don't you employ a real unbiased property journalist with not conflict of interest, from academia (not from REIWA which is a real estate club with a self-interest in seeing house prices increase for their selling clients - a huge conflict of interest). You need to report more on what is and is not being done to make housing more affordable. At the end of the day house prices need to fall by 35% just to start to be affordable again.

REIWA is embarrassingly unreliable in its 'reports'. The reality is that house prices are generally in decline in Perth at the moment and rightly so after the absurd hike in prices since 2008. REIWA is a self interest group and its 'data' should be dismissed as such.

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