Perth due to get 'C class' airport

Perth travellers looking forward to having the best airport in the Asia Pacific region are in for a shock after the owner of Perth Airport admitted that its redevelopment will be built to 'Class C', rated as the minimum standard with acceptable delays.


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Having Just Returned from a holiday in Europe, and again experiencing the Perth Terminals again, I can only conlude that we are a bunch of backward, over-regulated Dodos for accepting this rubbish. If upgrades are to be made, at least try to make things equal to at least some sort of standard applicable to our neighbours.

This is an absolute SCANDAL! Why was the airport ever sold without conditions for minimum standard of facilities? I hope this becomes a MAJOR election issue.

Nationalize it I say!

Perth Airport is an embarrassment. WA is providing the nation's profitability in a time when the country would now be clearly in recession. This small minded lack of forward thinking will set WA back 25 years on the rest of the country. Imagine bringing world leaders through the shameful offering we have now, does our state government have no dignity? pride? this is the gateway to a state they say they love. This should be an election issue on the top of the agenda. We need to set ourselves up to lead the country and penny pinching when we are making enormous profits is petty and small minded. Its time we looked for visionary leaders as we have 50 years of enormous prosperity ahead of us. Its time the government, the premier and business leaders recognise this and establish our infrastructure as world class not the pathetic offering we are going to compromise for now.

West Perth
The owners of Perth Airport need to understand that Perth is a growing city and they are profiting like never before due to the massive influx of people moving to this state and travelling to and from this state. They need to be accountable and the Government needs to set in place high expectations. What we have currently in place as a domestic airport is embarrassing to say the least and moving to a "C" grade facility does not cut it.

Appalling – 25 aerobridges only – are they idiots – making a mistake again – one would think we would learn from our mistakes. If we are going to rebuild, please do something that we can be proud of and will last us into the future. Our airport is a blot on the environment; it is cold, soulless, boring and aesthetically uninteresting. I have visited better equipped and designed factories and warehouses. There is nothing there to occupy adults or children when waiting for hours. Why can’t we have something like Singapore airport? Not as large but at lease as well designed and planned. Even little provincial airports in Europe are better than Perth – so much for Carpenter’s promise and also the promises made by Perth Airport that the redevelopment would be a "Vision for the future". Whose vision???

It all comes down to how strong the government is. When you have a bunch of uneducated oportunists running the show who are in it only to get a super cheque at the end (usually a three to four year term), what more do you expect. Look at the Arab Emirates and the like. Strong leadership and a clear connection with the people and their needs. We will never have a Sheikh as a leader here but wouldn't it be good if we did? At least the infrastructure would not be left to lazy loopholers to maintain... Nice try fellas but you are only as good as the next election.

What ? C class Airport for Perth ? Surely, they have to be joking. Is it not worth their while to redevelop to a much higher standard, after all, traffic is expected to continue to increase in the years ahead and therefore surely we need to cater for this ? OK, it's private enterprise and built on leased Federal land so the State Gov't can whinge but may technically have little power in the matter. However, it's our international gateway, pretty crappy at the moment and there is the opportunity to move forward with a really bold innovative program to bring us up to the standard of at least a B grade airport. By the way, whose idea was it, years ago, to build the international airport on the other side ? Let's put pressure on the State Gov't, matters not who wins the upcoming election, to ensure we get an airport we can be proud of and one that works efficiently for the 21st century.

Carpenter will not be there by 2012, but to get the Empire games to Perth, to a C class airport?? What a joke. Whilst the facility is privately owned and run, the Government should have the power to demand the standerd requiered. If that is not 'profitable', get someone else that will develop the airport to the Governement's requirement. A minimum of B class, but in the not too longer run cheaper, to A class standerd.

Well folks, once again the visitors to Perth and the local community have been let down AGAIN when it comes to our airport. To redevelop it to only 'C' class is an absolute joke and an insult to everyone that uses it. Having a wonderful opportunity to bring it up to a world class standard for the next 50 years should be absolutely paramount for our immediate and future prosperity that we could all be proud of. As a personal chauffeur, I am constantly at the airport picking up corporate clients, relocating families as well as international visitors and I am left embarrassed by the standard right across the board of BOTH terminals when they arrive. As a first impression, Perth Airport is grossly inadequate in every aspect and its operation is shameful and in disarray from the second you arrive. The W.A.C. should be held accountable for accepting any thing less than a world class facility because they have a window of opportunity here to GET IT RIGHT. Let's just pray the people who are passionate about it and who use it regularly are consulted, to provide valuable input about what is truly needed so that we have the best possible outcome for everyone to use, enjoy and be rightly proud of when welcoming people to our wonderful city.

As a temporary WA ex-pat living in Melbourne, it pains me to see all these opportunities lost. The state government needs to do a deal with the Westralia Airports Corporation - build an A class terminal, and lease it back to the airport. Nice that Carpenter is complaining about it - why doesn't he do something instead of whinge? The state government is the only entity that can fund this, and they need to apply a "state interest" test to funding. This is a more critical project than a $1.0 billion stadium.

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