03/12/2008 - 15:41

Perth coastal plan up for public comment

03/12/2008 - 15:41


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Planning Minister John Day is urging all users of Perth's coastline to have a say on the draft Perth Coastal Planning Strategy.

Perth coastal plan up for public comment

Planning Minister John Day is urging all users of Perth's coastline to have a say on the draft Perth Coastal Planning Strategy.

Mr Day said the aim of the strategy was to provide guidance and support to decision-making on the future land use, development and conservation of the Perth metropolitan coastline from Two Rocks to Singleton.

"The strategy is a draft, it is not a fixed Government approach and I invite the public to tell us how they see the coast developing in the future - how we can protect it from environmental harm as well as welcoming development," he said.

"The State Government needs a framework to work with, to help guide future management, balance competing interests and addressing the impacts of natural processes and climate change - this strategy is the basis for achieving this.

"Acknowledging that 'everyone wants a piece of our coast', the draft Perth Coastal Planning Strategy offers guidance for the location, scale and density of developments over the next 10 to 15 years.

"The four-wheel drive owners, the recreational fishers, the people on jet-skis, the surfers and the paddle sport enthusiasts and are as passionate about their right to use the coast as are the conservation-minded beachcombers, those who enjoy the view from beachside cafes and property developers.

"Some in the community want to recreate in marinas, while others want natural coastlines uninterrupted.

"We need input from all of these perspectives and will take every comment into consideration before finalising the strategy."

The document identifies 56 individual coastal precincts and examines each in terms of its existing environment, major issues and planning considerations, land uses, distinctive features and recommendations for future development and management.

The recommendations for future land use planning take into account the influence of the surrounding land; how to optimise the characteristics of the precinct and integrate the Perth Coastal Planning Strategy with the Network City policy.

The draft strategy conforms with State Planning Policy 2.6 (State Coastal Planning Policy) and supports limiting building height to five storeys except in clearly defined circumstances.

The outcomes of the Perth Recreational Boating Facilities Study have been incorporated into the strategy and it provides recommendations for potential boating facilities and marina development.

The Minister said that the public had already helped shape the draft strategy document through a long and extensive public consultation period that included reference groups, forums, workshops and surveys.

"The community of Perth has provided the vision for the strategy, its key guiding principles, and the basis for defining the appropriate character of precincts along Perth's coast into the future," Mr Day said

The draft Perth Coastal Planning Strategy is available from:
- The WAPC website at http://www.wapc.wa.gov.au/comment
- The Department for Planning and Infrastructure, 469 Wellington Street, Perth,
- coastal metropolitan local libraries.


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