17/12/2019 - 13:12

Perth Media Launches Media Mentoring Sessions

17/12/2019 - 13:12


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Perth Media Launches Media Mentoring Sessions
Perth Media founder Cate Rocchi is a Media Mentor

Do you have a media question, big or small? Or do you need help identifying your best ‘story’ or social media campaign ideas? For the first time, Perth Media now offers one-hour media mentoring sessions on publicity and media.  WA businesses and organisations can access advice on global trends as well as take part in practical training if needed.

Sessions will focus on continual improvement, with the aim of clients eventually winning new customers, members and/or stakeholders.

You would be working with Perth Media founder and managing director, Cate Rocchi. She is a PR strategist and content creator who is recognised internationally for her ethical and modern media practise.

Ms Rocchi established Perth Media, in her hometown in Western Australia, after working overseas for some of the world’s largest financial publishing houses, primarily in London and Hong Kong. She has built long-term connections with international journalists, bloggers, TV and radio producers.

“Sessions combine skills in public relations and content such as blogs, podcasts and films with social media. Content must be strategically woven through all parts of an organisation’s communications and assessed constantly.” Ms Rocchi said.

"Our Media Mentoring ‘learning-by-doing’ model ensures the adoption of new knowledge and skills, so companies and organisations can take charge of their own media and digital footprint.

“We have more than two decades of practical experience - we know what type of media work generates business leads and customers, how to create momentum and how to hold an event that is well attended,” says Ms Rocchi.

“Many business owners have a number of great ideas for news stories and we will help refine their strategies and target their campaigns. For example, we can upgrade a media release they have already drafted in-house or sit down and plan a film script or even talk through why a firm should consider filming as part of a yearly marketing plan.

“Films and video content are now standard media tools - for distribution on social and are key for public relations. We recently made a corporate film for a feature Australian Vanadium and I believe the film was key to achieving better coverage and more media results for the company, particularly in terms of TV coverage.”

Perth Media keeps up to date with global trends, and we pass on that expert knowledge to our clients. This week Ms Rocchi met with OCTO, an innovative digital media platform for the UK investment community, based in London. She also toured offices at The Nest in Tower Hill and visited the Cherryduck Studios. In a few weeks’ time, Ms Rocchi will return to work with animation experts in Delhi, India.

“We are a WA media company with expert global knowledge, and we want to work out how to help you capitalise on your opportunities,” she said.

One Perth client – Cath Ashton – reported the new service was excellent saying, “I left the media mentoring session with a clearer plan forward and valuable new options to consider.”

Perth Media mentoring sessions are $200 for a one-hour session at our office, 10/117 Broadway, Nedlands. You can book your spot on the Perth Media website here with sessions starting from Monday January 27, 2020.

Alternatively, if you have some great content ideas but no one to help realise them, Perth Media can supply photographers, writers and videographers, and craft stories like the one you are reading now. Perth Media’s ADAPTERS product provides a range of services from event coverage, photography of all kinds, social media campaigns and more. Our most celebrated ADAPTERS product was an article showcasing the ‘Empowering Communities Program’ at Sudbury House, a Mirrabooka-based community house, in Perth. It is one of many featured in the ADAPTERS, series in WA Business News exclusively for Perth Media clients, profiling news of innovative small businesses, start-ups and not for profits.

For ADAPTERS related inquiries, please contact Perth Media’s Sophie Minissale sophie@perthmedia.com.au


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