11/04/2013 - 14:49

Perkins unveils $60m in new projects

11/04/2013 - 14:49


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Perkins unveils $60m in new projects
A Masters Home Improvement store built by Perkins Total Project Delivery.

Perkins Builders has announced a series of new contract wins highlighting its versatility in construction, with the projects including a new shopping centre, a hardware store, swimming pools and a roller coaster.

The company’s Perth division won a $20 million deal to construct the Taylor Robinson-designed Wyatt Grove Shopping Centre in Hocking, which will be anchor-tenanted by a Woolworths supermarket and feature specialty shops over two levels.

It also won a $5 million deal for construction and civil engineering works for Adventure World’s new Eurofighter roller coaster.

In Bunbury, Perkins was awarded a $7 million civil engineering contract for concrete works at the Bunbury Inner Harbour grain terminal.

Meanwhile, the company’s Commercial Aquatics Australia subsidiary won a $4.5 million contract to build new 50 metre and 25 metre pools at Hale School.

Finally, Perkins Total Project Delivery was awarded its fourth Masters home improvement store contract, a $25 million deal in Brighton.

“We have been working at increasing our project and sector diversity in recent times and these wins are a pleasing reward for our efforts,” Perkins Group managing director Dan Perkins said. 


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