21/08/2014 - 16:31

Pendragon brings environmental and economical solutions to mining projects

21/08/2014 - 16:31


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Pendragon brings environmental and economical solutions to mining projects

The professional capabilities of Pendragon Environmental Solutions, coupled with the quality and timeliness of service, have recently generated interest within the consulting industry.  In addition, Pendragon’s understanding of ever increasing and changing legislative requirements are creating opportunities to gauge new business frontiers, to work with clients to manage their responsibilities and to convey sustainable and practical solutions to regulators, stakeholders and financiers.

Pendragon Environmental Solutions was started in 2010 with a vision and innovative approach which reflects a quantum shift in project scoping, investigation and delivery.  Pendragon’s involvement in disciplines, ranging from environmental and earth sciences to water and waste management and engineering, aims at adding value rather than ticking boxes.  This approach has facilitated stronger relationships with clients, project managers, mining companies, developers, hedge funds and national/international investment companies.

Pendragon Environmental Solutions has successfully grown and now incorporates personnel whom can scientifically merge various inter-related areas of consulting, to provide project and cost specific solutions to clients and the market.  Our local, national and international work experience and advanced education, training and professional development ensure that projects are undertaken and completed with the correct balance of technological sophistication and practical outcome.

Pendragon’s hydrogeological/geochemical sector provides consultancy services specialising in:
•    Ground and surface water resource, supply and disposal investigations and assessments.
•    Geochemical assessments including Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) and contaminated sites.
•    Integrated waste and water balances and management for mining and processing including mine influx and dewatering.
•    Modelling: conceptual and numerical flow and mass transport and risk modelling.
•    Mine rehabilitation and closure.

These services, if addressed appropriately at the concept stage of projects, can bring about drastic changes and long-term economic and environmental benefits to the mining and land development industries.  The specific concepts are generally interrelated and encompass a sound understanding of sustainability, environmental awareness, mining and rehabilitation and closure processes.

Although acid rock drainage (ARD) exists in nature, AMD is a significant environmental concern for the mining industry and one that may persist after closure, requiring extensive and expensive remediation and rehabilitation.  AMD is caused by the exposure of sulfide minerals to air and water. The reaction produces acidity which triggers the dissolution of metals and metalloids that are harmful to plants and organisms and contaminate living soils and ecosystems.

AMD is regarded as one of the most difficult problems to manage and remediate once it occurs at a large scale.  Pendragon has undertaken thorough investigations to understand the key processes involved in the oxidation of sulfides and release and transport of solutes. Having mastered the approach and solution to mine waste management during resource exploitation, Pendragon is able to ensure that subsequent rehabilitation and closure are achieved with little difficulty and expense.

In line with their philosophies and proven methodologies, Pendragon has recently completed large-scale ground water and AMD investigations, assessments and modelling for Mawson West Limited at their Kapulo Copper Project in central Africa, Sherwin Iron Ltd, Western Desert Resources and BHP Mitsubishi Alliance.  Hydrological and hydrogeological investigations involving integrated water (supply and mine influx) and waste modelling and acid metalliferous/mine drainage (AMD) evaluation were completed for Sherwin Iron Ore. Investigations for Western Desert included stream diversions, implementation of environmental monitoring programs, hydrogeology and AMD studies.  The AMD studies encompassed multiple areas of expertise, including the characterisation, implementation and management of AMD and the implementation and assessment of field kinetic testing to further AMD interpretation, and improve AMD management processes.  These investigations were completed during the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Mine and Water Management Planning Phases, and were externally peer reviewed at the request of the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (SEWPaC).  Pendragon personnel were complemented on their approaches, methodologies and the completeness and practicality of their management plans and documentation.



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