22/07/2014 - 15:18

Packers launch $200m philanthropic fund

22/07/2014 - 15:18


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Packers launch $200m philanthropic fund

The Packer family has launched a $200 million National Philanthropic Fund targeting arts and indigenous education, to the applause of the Chamber of Arts and Culture WA.

The chair of the Packer Family Foundation and sister of Crown Resorts chair James Packer, Gretel Packer, announced the collaboration between the Crown Resorts Foundation and the Packer family’s personal philanthropic fund last week.

The National Philanthropic Fund will allocate $100 million towards charities across Australia promoting the arts under the National Arts Fund.

The arts fund will encompass the existing $60 million Sydney Arts Fund - leaving $40 million for other charities.

The remaining $100 million is earmarked for charities supporting the broader community, in particular, indigenous education - called the Community Partnerships and Indigenous Education Fund.

Mr Packer said the decision to launch the $200 million fund committed his family to long term support of community organisations. 

“Today’s announcement commits us to another decade of financial support for organisations which work tirelessly to deliver services, assistance and opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds,” Mr Packer said.

The Chamber of Arts and Culture WA executive director Henry Boston said the Packer family’s move was welcomed at a time that funding for the arts become increasingly difficult to source.

“The arrival of another philanthropic player in Perth is very timely, especially when the last state budget showed stagnating government funding,” Mr Boston said.

“We would urge the fund to place priority on supporting artists and organisations whose programs contribute to an arts-rich calendar in WA all year round.”


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