10/04/2008 - 15:24

Origin and Inpex win environment awards

10/04/2008 - 15:24


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Origin Energy and Inpex have taken out the key Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) environment awards for 2008.

Origin Energy and Inpex have taken out the key Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) environment awards for 2008.

Announcing the awards in Perth at the APPEA 2008 Conference & Exhibition, Tim Wall, Managing Director of Apache Energy and Chair of the APPEA Environmental Affairs Committee, said this year's Awards clearly demonstrate the degree to which the industry is up to the challenge.

"This year's nominations were simply outstanding, but out of an outstanding field only two could be chosen - one producer and one explorer," he said.

The Category A winner is Origin Energy for its commissioning of Australia's first fully integrated coal seam gas water treatment facility. Instead of constructing hectares of evaporation ponds to manage associated water, Origin commissioned the largest CSG water treatment facility in the world (producing 9ML/day - approximately 10% the capacity of the Sydney $1.3 billion desalination plant project).

Origin is now producing fresh water from traditional production waste streams for a multitude of beneficial uses and improved environmental water flows in regional communities.

The Category B winner is Inpex for its truly innovative and dedicated approach to ensuring as small an environmental footprint as possible for its recent geotechnical and environmental drilling operations on Maret Islands.

Inpex utilised a Kawasaki helicopter and modified drilling rig that resulted in a footprint that disturbed less than one-tenth of one percent, instead of disturbing over 10% of the islands through a traditional onshore drilling operation.

Mr Wall said both Origin and Inpex were deserved winners of the Category A & B environment award.

"With operations in some of Australia's most beautiful regions, the industry places a great importance on working with all stakeholders to achieve outstanding environmental performances," he said.

"Australia's oil and gas industry recognises that its environmental credentials are critical for it to maintain community and government support for it to continue to access energy resources on behalf and to the benefit of all Australians.

"Since the last Conference, APPEA members have warmly welcomed the release of new seismic exploration guidelines by the Commonwealth Environment Minister.

The release of a new report in February has big implications for an even better understanding the impacts of sound on the environment.

"As defined by this new report, of the approximately 400,000 signals analysed from seismic surveys in the past few years, only 8 signals have exceeded the behavioural disturbance threshold and not one the physical impacts threshold.

"Throughout last year and into this year APPEA will continue working with Governments and NGOs to revise the Code of Environmental Practice.

While the Code provides leadership on environmental performance for all APPEA members, it also sends a clear message to all stakeholders about the industry's own expectations.

"APPEA has had an Environmental Code of Practice for over 30 years and is currently consulting with WWF Australia, the ACF and environmental regulators.

"We face many challenges in achieving and maintaining our excellent track record of good environmental management."




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