20/07/2004 - 22:00

Only one decision to make

20/07/2004 - 22:00


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Only one decision to make

Retravision didn’t feature among WA Business News’ most recognised brands last year because the brand originates from Victoria.

However, Retravision stores are owned and operated by individuals and/or families that form a cooperative with a State office in Western Australia.

What’s more, Retravision’s advertising in WA is managed and produced in this State.

MJB&B’s advertising jingle, ‘the only decision’, has been picked up by other east-coast cooperatives.

Based on these elements, Retravision has been included as a WA brand this year.

And the advertising industry believes it’s a highly recognisable brand in the market, ranking equal eighth alongside Chicken Treat.

Retravision advertising co-ordinator Leanne Tesser told WA Business News a strong statewide presence and mass media advertising helped keep Retravision top of mind for consumers.

“We have 59 stores all over the State. We are in the country and there aren’t any Good Guys there and there aren’t a lot of Harvey Normans. We’re in Busselton, Dowerin, Esperance, Port Hedland,” Ms Tesser said.

The WA State office made local buying decisions, as well as joining national buying deals, and its WA buying network meant it supported local operators.

Retravision became a major sponsor of WA’s State cricket team and research has shown success in terms of generating strong brand awareness for the retailer.



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