23/11/1999 - 21:00

Online contracting profits all

23/11/1999 - 21:00


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Contract and Management Services is a State Government agency formed in 1996 from the merger of the Building Management Authority and the Department of State Services.

Online contracting profits all
Contract and Management Services is a State Government agency formed in 1996 from the merger of the Building Management Authority and the Department of State Services.

The CAMS mission is to achieve value for money in government contracting and procurement.

Like thousands of private and public sector organisations around Australia and the world, CAMS is investigating and developing electronic commerce solutions to achieve greater efficiencies and value for money.

Recently CAMS hosted a Breakthrough Business Breakfast with IBM General Manager Australia New Zealand David Thodey as the guest speaker.

Mr Thodey told the audience that IBM worldwide was saving a staggering $240 million per annum by conducting most of its

contracting and procurement activities over the Internet.

With the Western Australian Government now purchasing $6 billion in goods and services each year, David Thodey’s revelation is of great interest to CAMS and to our major customer groups – State public sector agency purchasers and private sector suppliers.

There are enormous cost savings and efficiencies to be gained by developing online contracting and procurement solutions and I am proud to announce that CAMS has made, and will continue to make, significant advances in this area.

Over 9,000 suppliers are now registered users of the Government Contracting Information Bulletin Board (www.contracting.wa.gov.au) . They can find out about the latest tenders, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – without waiting for publication of the weekly tenders advertisements in the newspaper.

The Bulletin Board also provides an early tender advice service, giving advance notice of forthcoming tenders up to three months before they are advertised. Recently CAMS enhanced the bulletin board with a facility to download construction tender documents.

Finding out about new tenders sooner certainly gives suppliers a competitive edge. Another CAMS innovation that will help thousands of suppliers market their goods and services to public sector agencies is the Government Electronic Market.

The market, at www.cams.wa.gov.au, is an online electronic catalogue listing goods and services from more than sixty State Government Common Use contracts.

In its initial form, it allows government agency purchasing officers to browse, search and obtain quotations. Next year it will add the facility to select, order and make payments online.

The Electronic Market and the Bulletin Board are as beneficial to small and medium enterprises as to larger organisations.

Around the world, so-called ‘net generation businesses’ are emerging, with little infrastructure and few staff. Nonetheless, they are giving larger, long-established, traditional competitors a run for their money.

Why? Because they are using online technology and the Internet strategically, creatively and cost-effectively.

CAMS has a dedicated Supplier Development Unit which can assist and advise businesses on the rapidly changing Government electronic procurement environment. They can be called on 9222 5555.


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