13/06/2012 - 10:30

One-stop site for charitable giving

13/06/2012 - 10:30


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OneDonation is a new online portal for people who want to self-manage their own charitable giving.

The one-stop shop was developed by eastern states-based The Giving Network and has 1,000 charities on its books and enables members to donate to multiple charities periodically from one destination online.

“Many individuals support multiple charities and traditionally the ability to manage all their charitable support has been complex and time consuming with multiple receipts, direct debits etc,” a release from OneDonation said.

“This innovative, new online platform allows donors to take control of their giving and to provide them with choice, anonymity and ease of use through the creation of their own unique charity portfolio.”

New South Wales-based senator Ursula Stephens endorsed the development and said “OneDonation is a unique new giving platform in Australia that fills an important gap”.

“The focus is on individuals as donors and makes online giving just like online banking – able to be managed without fuss and with flexibility,” Ms Stephens said.

“I commend all those involved in supporting efforts here in Australia to grow our culture of giving and certainly encourage both charities and donors to get on board.”



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