05/10/2004 - 22:00

Olive Industry Conference

05/10/2004 - 22:00


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Olive Industry Conference

The Australian Olive Association will hold its National Olive Industry Conference over Wednesday October 27 to Saturday October 30 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Over the past 10 years the olive industry in Australia has grown and it is now estimated that more than 9 million trees are planted across the nation.

It is projected that by 2006 harvests from these trees will produce up to 28,000 tonnes of olive oil.

Part of the industry’s growth has been attributed to greater interest in Mediterranean food and increased awareness in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, where olive oil has largely replaced the use of saturated fats.

The industry is now looking to capitalise on technological advances to further build on recent growth and set the foundation for further rapid growth in production.

The conference aims to explore a number of new techniques and trends in grove production and management, harvesting, the introduction of advanced processing facilities, international marketing, export and consumption.

This year the conference will be hosted by the Moore River Region’s olive producers, who are at the centre of WA’s olive industry.

The region comprises Australia’s highest concentration of broadacre groves and within a 50km radius more than 2000 hectares of new plantations have been established over the last six years.

Producers from this region include former property developer Tony Fini’s brand Fini Olives, Olea Australis (which markets the Dandaragan Estate brand) and Larenta Olives.

Registrations can be made with the Moore River Olive Association by going to www.mooreriverolive.asn.au.

For further information phone Ariane Harold on 9383 3394 or email info@mooreriverolive.asn.au.


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