18/12/2012 - 15:46

Noise complaints drown out music festival

18/12/2012 - 15:46


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Environment minister Bill Marmion has announced the Big Day Out will be forced to finish an hour earlier than scheduled, following noise complaints from residents.

The festival will be held at the Claremont Showgrounds in January next year, and the minister noted that the location is “considered Perth’s safest venue for hosting events like the Big Day Out”.

Earlier in the year, the Town of Claremont rejected the application to hold the festival at the venue, with the support of many near-by residents.

“I’ve taken into consideration the council’s views and advice from the Department of Environment and Conservation and weighed these against the overall benefit of the festival and ways to mitigate noise concerns,” Mr Marmion said.

“The new conditions state that the festival must finish by 10pm and DEC will monitor noise levels throughout the event.”

As a concession to the festival’s organisers, Mr Marmion said he would allow the festival to start the event an hour earlier, at 10am.



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