Education Minister Peter Collier.

No public school fees for 457 families earning under $75k

The state government has made further amendments to its decision to charge a $4,000 public school fee for families on 457 visas, after community backlash resulted in multiple delays.


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perth wa
Australia is part of the Commenwealth which states every child under the age of 16 is entitled to free education. I pay child the UK because of this (which I don't mind) but get assessed on Australian pay which is a lot more than UK. But I will have to pay this which is against the Commonwealth law - Any ideas why they have bent the law for this cost?

Yes, agree with Steve, how is this possible when the Australian Education Act 2013, Division 1, 3c states the following: 3(c) to provide a needs‑based funding model for schools applied consistently across all schools which includes: (i) a base amount of funding for every student; and (ii) additional loadings for students and schools who need extra support;

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