18/02/2020 - 14:31

Nexteel paints new future for steel

18/02/2020 - 14:31


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Nexteel paints new future for steel

Contrary to the popular saying, it’s often what’s on the outside that counts when it comes to a building’s structural integrity.

A strong foundation is essential but so is a quality finishing product, to ensure a building can last the test of time.

Frustrated with the lack of innovation in the painted steel market Nexteel decided to colour outside the lines.

Nexteel next generation colourfast steel is a new range of non-combustible and weather-resistant steel and aluminium paint finishes, suitable to withstand Australia’s harsh heat and coastline living.

Led by industry veteran John Easling, founder of Revolution Roofing, Nexteel launched in October last year, following the purchase of existing paint finish line, Colorguard, which has supplied more than 50 million metres of paint for Australian roofs, walls and fences since 2003.

Nexteel national sales and marketing manager Mark Hardy said Australians loved competition, and Nexteel offered homeowners, designers, architects and builders a product range never seen before in Australia.

“Shopping around for a finish has been as interesting as watching paint dry - a market filled with only one offering,” Mr Hardy said.

“But if you do what’s always been done, that’s what you’ll get - Nexteel wanted to shake things up.

“Now Australians have a better choice for their next project.”

Mr Hardy, who has spent 35 years in the building industry, said coastal living and a strong pipeline of property projects had driven Nexteel to initially rollout across Western and South Australia.
“Whether it’s large-scale infrastructure, marine projects, architecturally-designed residential and commercial buildings, or the humble backyard fence and shed, we believe Nexteel will be, and is already becoming the product of choice across the property industry,” he said.
And it's been building a healthy order book ever since.

Steeling the limelight 

Mr Hardy said more and more property professionals were choosing Nexteel steel and aluminium for their developments.

Nexteel’s NextREME painted aluminium he said was perfectly suited to Australia’s beachside lifestyle, providing superior paint coating that helped prevent rust forming on buildings exposed to seaspray.

“Steel brings many benefits to the built environment,” Mr Hardy said.
Nexteel saw an opportunity to inject more colour into the industry, creating a range of diverse vibrant hues.”

Colouring the market
Nexteel partnered with global paint producers and suppliers PPG and AkzoNobel to introduce and develop unique paint finish options, starting with a range of 22 vibrant colours.

“Our product range has undergone rigorous testing in some of the harshest conditions, enabling Nexteel to deliver Australia-first warranties to further protect your build, as well as your wallet.

Nexteel is continuing to develop innovative products and offer more colour choice.”

“And better yet - we’re local, Australian made and owned.” 

For superior paint coatings offering Australia’s most vibrant colour range, talk to one of our experts, visit nexteel.com.au. Nexteel is Australia's next generation colourfast steel.


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