19/10/2020 - 19:24

Next Generation community hubs key to infill success

19/10/2020 - 19:24


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As medium and high-density developments gather pace in Perth, there’s increasing demand to create high-quality vibrant hubs that benefit the entire community.

Developers, architects and planners embracing these “next generation” urban infill projects are focused not only on providing a benefit to those moving into the homes that spring forth from these developments but also to residents surrounding the site, and beyond. 

At Pindan we understand that the best mixed-use developments must offer a substantial range of housing solutions sitting alongside modern shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The attractiveness of these lively precincts lies in the fact that they deliver more to the wider local community than the site previously did, thereby adding value to the community and the area and, in turn, helping improve property prices.

With Perth currently well behind on its target of 47 percent infill by 2031, urban infill projects of the future are also likely to become higher-density offerings, with more homes built in a concentrated space.

This type of approach is already being catered for within the scope of local council planning strategies and we at Pindan are pleased to see this progress. We believe it’s a key path forward that will help the State Government meet its own target for infill housing while also allowing for crucial community feedback throughout the process.

A big upside of such hubs for established local property owners is that they allow for the retention within suburbs of larger blocks featuring existing homes. This is an ideal solution, which allows for the long-term growth of key areas through increased housing density while reducing the need to subdivide blocks. It’s an ideal path that more easily paves the way for preserving the traditional look and feel of established suburbs while also retaining property values. A massive positive of this concentrated approach is that it helps ensure the lifestyle that current residents love will remain unchanged.

Next generation housing and retail hubs also provide other important benefits; they offer exciting downsizing and employment opportunities for local residents, and allow more West Australians the chance to live closer to the city and coast in sought-after suburbs they otherwise could not afford to live in, while helping keep Government expenditure on costly infrastructure down.

We believe developers like Pindan have a key role to play in setting a new benchmark for these medium and high-density infill housing hubs and ensuring they: 

  • Feature outstanding architecture that’s in keeping with the local area. This is ensured through each local council’s Design Review Panel process.
  • Offer a diversity of housing options
  • Incorporate a broader range of newer amenities for locals
  • Are pedestrian and cyclist-friendly
  • Retain green spaces
  • Manage traffic flow
  • Minimise disruption during development

With a focus on the greater community they’re in and what they can give back to existing and new residents, medium and high-density infill housing and public space precincts can be a win-win, breathing new life in a thoughtful way into even the most traditional Perth suburbs.


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