An architect's rendering of the Pier Street frontage of Fragrance Group's St Andrews proposal.

New skyscraper to be Perth's tallest

Plans for what would become Perth’s tallest building have been lodged for approval, with Singapore’s Fragrance Group seeking to build a 62-level, 485-room hotel at St Andrew’s Church on St Georges Terrace.


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Got to say I don't mind it. Hope the height doesn't get whittled back by 60-metres because of Perth airspace concerns. At last, of late a reasonably elegant thin skyscraper design. Looks a bit Melbourne-ey in a good way and would help to spread-out the skyline more.

Yes agree, we need more skyscrapers and multinational companies to open their businesses in Perth. It's about time Perth grows and shows the rest of the country we are not as isolated as everyone thinks.

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