09/12/2021 - 15:47

New role for Owen

09/12/2021 - 15:47


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Neville Owen has been appointed chair of trustees at St John of God Health Care, replacing Eva Skira.

New role for Owen
Royal Commissioner Neville Owen at the opening of the Perth Casino Royal Commission in Perth. Photo: Nic Ellis

Neville Owen has been appointed chair of trustees at St John of God Health Care, replacing Eva Skira.

Mr Owen has been a trustee at the organisation since January 2020.

The trustees sit above the board and have overall responsibility for St John of God Health Care.

Mr Owen was a barrister and solicitor for 20 years before being appointed as a judge at the Supreme Court of Western Australia.

In 2003, he oversaw a two-year Royal Commission into the collapse of the HIH Insurance Group.

His recommendations have influenced the development of regulatory framework for corporations and financial institutions.

Most recently, he was appointed as a commissioner at the Perth Casino Royal Commission.

Early in the commission, Mr Owen was questioned over his business association with Seven West Media chair Kerry Stokes.

Mr Owen did not declare that he sits on the boards of three of Mr Stokes' companies, Clabon, Redlake Enterprises, and Mercury Corporate, while presiding over hearings featuring Seven West Media employees and board members.

Mr Owen remains on all three boards.

Outgoing chair Ms Skira said Mr Owen’s experience in corporate governance and his knowledge and commitment to the Catholic sector prepared him well for his new role as chair.

“Mr Owen has the ideal credentials to ensure that St John of God health Care remains true to its Catholic Ministry while ensuring strong stewardship through the appointment and oversight of a highly qualified and capable board,” Ms Skira said.

“He takes the role with a good understanding of the role of the trustees after serving a year, and the other trustees and I look forward to continuing under this leadership.”


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