26/10/2015 - 16:06

New looks for Match and Qube

26/10/2015 - 16:06


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New looks for Match and Qube
PROGRESSIVE: M/Group’s latest Leederville project, M/24, features dynamic architecture by Melbourne’s ARM.

Development and construction firm Match Group has unveiled a new corporate structure, while Qube Property Group has celebrated 20 years in the industry by updating its brand.

Both initiatives are designed to better reflect the directions of the respective companies.

Match Group will now be known as M/Group, a moniker managing director Lloyd Clark said better illustrated the fact that the company had four business units – apartment development, property management, construction and finance broking.

Mr Clark said a new land division would be launched by the end of the year.

M/Group began more than 15 years ago as a boutique apartment developer, while Mr Clark said the company’s diversification had been a natural progression.

“The business has always been about identifying key people and expertise to support an integrated service delivery,” Mr Clark told Business News.

“There is, however, an increasing need to separate each business unit and define our capacity.

“Our efforts in this regard are already creating a buzz in the sector as few had insight into how far we had come.

“Our objective now is to grow the business into a larger corporate enterprise.”

The repositioning of M/Group follows its apartment development division, still known as Match, and M/Construction kicking off building at the M/24 project on Carr Street in Leederville.

Mr Clark said a big focus of the 39-apartment development was to create a striking building by using progressive architecture.

Match collaborated with Melbourne-based architect ARM to create a striking design for the building, where 60 per cent of the apartments and 50 per cent of the ground floor retail space has been sold.

“M/24 demonstrates that investing in a good architect can pay dividends in a market that responds to unique and edgy product,” Mr Clark said.

“The success of this project is more pronounced in an environment that is too often brimming with high-density, cookie-cutter designs that do nothing for the streetscape or potential capital growth.”

At the same time, Qube Property Group, which has more than $1.8 billion worth of projects on its books, has marked 20 years in the industry by updating its brand.

Qube managing director Mark Hector said the new branding, which will appear progressively on all of the company’s signage, brochures, website and billboards, better reflected its core values and objectives.

“Like many of our clients, Qube invests in lifetime quality,” Mr Hector said.

“Everything we build – whether it’s a community, an apartment or an office – is not only built to last, it’s also built to work, to be innovative and to be admired.

“We will continue to leverage the boutique nature of our business to operate dynamically while delivering large-scale projects efficiently.”


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