14/10/2020 - 10:47

New RemSense Board Focused on Growth of Technology Development Business

14/10/2020 - 10:47


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RemSense has welcomed two new members to its Board of Directors as the company continues to drive its strategic growth.

Chris Sutherland, Board Chairman, has joined RemSense after 11 years as Managing Director and Group CEO of Programmed. Prior to this he held various engineering and management roles with leading engineering companies including Clough and WorleyParsons.

“I am delighted to join the RemSense team and am looking forward to bringing to market the exciting offerings they have developed,” Mr Sutherland said.

RemSense offers three main business lines: Technology Development as a Service (TDaaS) Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Aerial Imaging and Sensing.

Mr Sutherland joins the board at a time when RemSense is growing its TDaaS program with industry partners. The TDaaS program has already delivered results through Virtual Plant™, a TDaaS innovation that has been rolled out across several sites.

Ross Taylor, an investment banker, and experienced commercial leader joins the RemSense board as a Non-Executive Director. He has extensive experience in the global investment banking sector and has held senior positions with Deutsche Bank, Bankers Trust and Barclays Capital.

RemSense CEO Steve Brown said the company was pleased to welcome the talented newcomers.

“Both Mr Sutherland and Mr Taylor are highly accomplished appointments with proven track records of driving superior performance and strategic growth,” he said.

“I look forward to the next steps in our journey as RemSense begins to commercialise the products we have developed with industry partners.”

TDaaS enables RemSense to partner with clients, driving innovation and solutions tailored to individual business needs, with a focus on delivering rapid operational and financial benefits.

“We’re in the business of delivering technology solutions to clients, in the context of a volatile business environment, lower margins and more scrutiny on expenditure,” Mr Brown said. “This means we must be agile, with our partners interests aligned closely to our own. This has delivered positive results both for our clients and RemSense, and I’m confident we’ll continue expanding and increasing our market presence.”

RemSense operates in three main business areas.

Technology Development as a Service (TDaaS)

By offering bespoke engineering and innovation, RemSense provides a wide range of technical solutions to complex challenges. Collaboration is key to TDaaS, with RemSense engaging with clients, industry, university, and other research organisations to solve our client’s challenges. Fit for purpose solutions are developed using the application of new or by modifying existing technologies and products.

The technology solutions RemSense develop are varied, ranging from explosion proof cameras for high temperature and pressure industrial process environments to alternative sealing methods for electrical cable glands. All RemSense’s solutions have in common one critical element: they must deliver operational benefits to the client, and the cost of developing the solution is closely monitored to ensure it delivers value.

Some of the solutions that RemSense develop through TDaaS can be commercialised to the wider market, which enables clients to further benefit from their technology development collaboration.

Virtual Plant™ is the first of such to be commercialised. It was developed in collaboration with Woodside Energy Technology and is a unique and powerful way for all employees and even external contractors to access a high-res VR environment of any asset, on any device from anywhere in the world.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality are used to create simple and accessible ways to deliver information. The technology includes interactive 360-degree aerial images with interactivity, virtual reality for industrial plants and sites, and the development of software for industrial applications.

Using 2D photography and 3D scanning data, RemSense can create complete, immersive 3D VR models and experiences for project planning, scenario testing, marketing, engineering, training and safety management. This modelling allows you to visualise a site — using a tablet, smartphone or VR headset —at any time.

RemSense can also develop web and intranet sites to deploy the environment across your organisation.

Aerial Imaging and Sensing

RemSense provides comprehensive CASA Certified RPAS services, specialising in aerial surveying, inspection, and media solutions. Other specialised services include thermal imaging, ultrasonic thickness testing and precise line of sight and view information.

RemSense’s inspection services provide high-quality inspection data, with reduced safety risks, in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional visual inspection methods in the most demanding environments. High resolution, low altitude survey and mapping services with high spatial accuracy are also offered, along with gas monitoring.


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