NEXION signs US deal

17/11/2020 - 13:00


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Perth-based NEXION Networks has signed a strategic agreement with US company Aryaka to provide wide-area network access to its Australian customers.

NEXION and Aryaka's deal will move customers away from legacy networks. Photo: Florian Krumm

Perth-based NEXION Networks has signed a strategic agreement with US company Aryaka to provide wide area network access to its Australian customers.

Under the agreement, NEXION will shift customers using its cloud-based node services from existing legacy networks and onto global connections managed and run by Aryaka.

The two companies plan to expand the jointly managed service into South Africa, New Zealand and Canada on the back of the deal.

Chief executive Paul Glass said customers could now embrace the myriad benefits associated with Aryaka.

“This is an exciting time for Aryaka to be investing in the local market with high-quality SD-WAN links critical to shifting Australian customers from existing ‘legacy’ networks,” he said.

“Aryaka’s continued global success and its focus on widespread PoPs will form the bedrock of NEXION’s ability to expand secure, high-quality cloud solutions at a local level.

“Deepening our partnership with Aryaka to provide secure global connectivity via our OneCloud service nodes is a real differentiator in the market.”

Aryaka regional managing director Paul Thompson said parterning with Nexion was valuable to the business.

“Aryaka’s global network has become the number one option for globally distributed enterprises embarking on a digital transformation journey and looking to support the fast, cost effective and efficient delivery of essential business applications,” he said.

“Through this agreement we will add further value to global enterprises with presence in Australia and New Zealand."

Aryaka is based in California, and operates in the UK, India and China.

NEXION Networks, which is based in Osborne Park, employs 10 staff in WA, according to Data & Insights.


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