04/04/2000 - 22:00

Mining opportunity for Perth

04/04/2000 - 22:00


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PERTH has the opportunity to capitalise on its success in developing a world leading mining services sector.

Mining opportunity for Perth
PERTH has the opportunity to capitalise on its success in developing a world leading mining services sector.

A report by Professor Philip Maxwell of Curtin University has found Perth surpassed some of the leading mining centres of the world in providing integrated mining services to local and international clients.

The Committee for Economic Development of Australia report identified three factors driving recent growth in WA’s mining services.

These are the outsourcing of activities previously performed within mining companies, the development of highly technical new specialist services, and an offshore push by Australian mining companies.

The report supported the claim that Perth is the Silicon Valley of mining services provision.

Further growth of the mining services sector is expected in WA.

However, there was a cautionary note for Perth. It is suggested that, over the longer term, WA will lose competitiveness as prospective regions open up.

“Maintaining and enhancing longer-term competitiveness of WA’s mining services sector is an area which will require continuing attention,” the report said.

This means WA must continue to strive for world best practice to compete in the global business environment.

According to ABS estimates, the industry contributed more than $3 billion in contract, sub-contract and commission work in Australia. More than 60 per cent of these services were undertaken in WA.

This has important implications for the property industry.

Firstly, the mining services sector should grow in the short to medium term.

Secondly, the mining industry needs world class properties to compete in a rigorous international marketplace.

Thirdly, the property industry has an opportunity to demonstrate its success in the mining services sector in Perth to attract additional investment to our State.

The Property Council of Australia believes we should take these steps to further establish Perth as a world class centre of excellence in mining, energy and related services.

• Joe Lenzo is executive director of the WA Branch of the Property Council of Australia.


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