20/02/2007 - 22:00

Michael Baulch - Australian Transit Group Pty Ltd

20/02/2007 - 22:00


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Michael Baulch - Australian Transit Group Pty Ltd

Title: Founder, managing director and major shareholder

Business: Regional bus and coach operator

Total employees: 130

Reporting directly: 3



Michael Baulch regards the establishment and growth of ATG in being a quality supplier to government and industry as a key accomplishment. ATG has experienced a 30 per cent growth during the past two years.

The innovative bus and coach operator was the first operator in Western Australia to provide seatbelts on school buses, and also the first to trial GPS technology in school buses.

The company is the only regional WA bus operator to have taken up the Greenhouse Challenge by entering into a co-operative agreement with the Australian Greenhouse Office.

Career guides

• The ability to ask questions and never be left wondering, whether it is dealing with clients, employees or suppliers.

• Attempt to apply a positive to all setbacks and challenges.

• Focus on ethics and honesty in the management of all facets of the business.


Mr Baulch is the chairman of the Bus and Coach Association WA, as well as the WA representative to the Bus Industry Council and the Australian Bus and Coach Underwriting Agency WA Young Achiever 2006.

Mr Baulch is involved in Kojonup community activities as an active member of the Kojonup Apex, as well as coaching and sponsoring the Kojonup Football Club and Kojonup Junior Football Club.

Top tips

“Have the courage to admit your deficiencies and employ, nurture and maintain employees that are the best in their field and can enhance your development.”


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