Perth will feature heavily in upcoming tourism WA campaigns, both in domestic and international markets. Photo: Tourism WA

Marketing shift as Perth opens for tourists

WA’s tourism growth strategy is moving from finding supply to driving demand.

A shortage of hotel rooms was historically the most significant obstacle Western Australia’s tourism sector faced in its efforts to attract more visitors.

As recently as 2010, developers blamed high construction costs for a shortage of hotel rooms in Perth, while at the same time the resources sector was gobbling up just about every lodging available, effectively locking out leisure tourists.


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Glad to see that after 4 years of declining hotel profitability and a cumulative 20% plus decline in Revpar Tourism WA is looking at increasing tourism demand to Perth! Who knows maybe after 4 more years they'll figure out what the rest of the country has already and stop pushing gimmicks like 17 hour long direct flights to a stagnant UK market and instead push for a dramatic expansion of direct flights to China! You know the #1 market by value and by far the fastest growing!

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