14/10/2010 - 00:00

Marketforce to craft Perth Mint campaign

14/10/2010 - 00:00


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Marketforce to craft Perth Mint campaign

Advertising agency Marketforce has beaten rival agencies Gatecrasher and The Brand Agency to be appointed to run a new campaign to promote the refurbishment of the Perth Mint’s tourism operations.

Marketforce chairman and CEO John Driscoll said that the campaign would be crafted to deliver the message that the Mint is more than just a tourist attraction.

“The campaign will be timed to coincide with the reopening of the refurbished Perth Mint Shop, and will be promoting its position as one of the city’s premium retail destinations for quality jewellery and collectibles,” Mr Driscoll said.

The Perth Mint Shop on Hay Street in East Perth is being expanded to allow it to meet the growing demands of business and compete with modern retail outlets.

“By also dividing our retail sales into specialty areas, we’re also taking further steps towards ensuring the whole retail experience is more enjoyable for our customers,” Perth Mint manager Cathy Anza said.

The Perth Mint Shop is in stage one of a multi-million dollar refurbishment.

“We’re very happy to be working with such a well-respected and well-established business, and we are looking forward to helping the Mint deliver the message about what is an exciting transformation and the start of a new era for a Perth landmark,” Mr Driscoll said.

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