21/03/2000 - 21:00

Marketforce lauded in ad industry poll

21/03/2000 - 21:00


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MARKETFORCE has again been lauded in the latest Campaign Brief creative rankings.

Marketforce lauded in ad industry poll
MARKETFORCE has again been lauded in the latest Campaign Brief creative rankings.

The magazine collates the results from the major award shows in Australia and overseas and ranks each Perth agency purely on this success.

The Marketforce tally was almost double that of any other Perth agency.

Nine Marketforce staff were listed among the forty-four ‘hottest creatives’ in Perth.

The company’s total points increased almost threefold over its score in the same poll in July 1998.

According to the rankings, John Davis Advertising is the second hottest agency in Perth.

The article said Marketforce creative department’s Adam Barker and Lori Canalini were “unquestionably” Perth’s top performing creatives of the past two years.

The pair ranked No.1 and No.2 respectively.

Mr Barker and Mr Canalini said that, while consistency in quality over a large number of campaigns was the key to Marketforce’s stranglehold, stand out campaigns included the Art Gallery of WA and the Cancer Foundation.

“The consistency in the overall calibre of the creative team is paramount,” Mr Canalini said.

“The reason for the outstanding result was due to the success of a large number of campaigns as opposed to just one or two good advertisements.

“Agencies tend to inflate their creative reputations, so they often win one award and make a big deal of it.

“We’ve been recognised for our body of work over the past two years, which gives a more accurate representation of our creative capacity,” Mr Canalini said.

“To use an old adage, you’re only as good as your last ad,” Mr Barker said.

Marketforce managing director Iain Rowe said awards were a relevant measure of an advertising agency’s success.

“More and more these days, the judging panel for awards are not just looking for advertising that catches your attention at first sight,” Mr Rowe said.

“They’re looking behind that and examining whether the attention that it gains is relevant to the client.

“They’re examining whether it achieves the objectives of the campaign, not just recognition.”

Mr Barker said highlights over the past two years included a third placing in the Caxton National Press Advertising Awards and a Cannes award.

Mr Rowe said the I Can commercial for the Quit Campaign had been recently adopted by the Queensland Health Department.

“Queensland’s health minister was originally going to launch the campaign, but the Premier was so impressed that he wanted to do it personally,” Mr Rowe said.

“It is currently being looked at for use in South Australia.”

The ad is aimed at long-term smokers in the thirty-five plus bracket. Mr Rowe said social marketing was one of the biggest challenges in advertising.

“It’s really important to do research and ensure that the portrayal is appropriate,” he said.

“The worst position you can be in is to come across as a bunch of do-gooders trying to tell people what to do.”


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