15/01/2013 - 06:41

Mannolini to join Macquarie Capital

15/01/2013 - 06:41


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Mannolini to join Macquarie Capital

Former Gresham Advisory Partners local chief Justin Mannolini has moved to join national rival Macquarie Capital.

Mr Mannolini’s appointment follows recent Macquarie recruit Mark Barnaba, who is the group’s local chairman, and his former boss at Gresham, Michael Ashforth, who leads Macquarie Capital’s resources team.

He will report directly to Macquarie Capital chief Robin Bishop and will not be specifically assigned to a product line within the investment banking business.

“I was looking for an organisation that offered a broader platform,” Mr Mannolini said.

He confirmed there had been offers from international banks seeking a representative in Perth but opted for Macquarie because it had a commitment to WA, as shown by the talent already on the ground that he could work alongside.

As previously reported, Mr Mannolini has been replaced at Gresham’s WA office by co-heads Julian Mills and Darren Martin.



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