06/09/2013 - 13:08

Mannkal expands

06/09/2013 - 13:08


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Mannkal expands

THE Mannkal Economic Education Foundation is on the lookout for a part-time chief executive officer as it increases the number of scholarships on offer to students.

Available two days a week, the role has been created to provide leadership support to Mannkal’s promotion of extracurricular educational experiences for undergraduates.

Chairman Ron Manners said the think tank he founded 15 years ago had grown to the point where it required someone for daily operating activities so he could concentrate on his main role.

Mr Manners is well known for vigorously defending free-market thinking and through Mankall promotes ideas about voluntary cooperation, choice, personal rights and responsibilities and limited government.

More than 640 undergraduate students have undertaken internships, or attended seminars and conferences around Australia and the world as part of the foundation’s aim to broaden student perspectives on economic and social matters.

Mr Manners said the ideal chief executive candidate must have a high level of individual responsibility and believe in relentlessly questioning the conventional wisdom of the day.

“We’re completely open to whether they come from industry of academia but they’ve got to have a strong interest in the future of young people,” he said.


Full details of Mannkal's 15th anniversary can be downloaded here. 



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