17/10/2008 - 15:47

Malaga firm takes out top inventor award

17/10/2008 - 15:47


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A Malaga-based power tool and equipment manufacturer has been announced as the winner of the 2008 WA Inventor of the Year Award.

Malaga firm takes out top inventor award

A Malaga-based power tool and equipment manufacturer has been announced as the winner of the 2008 WA Inventor of the Year Award.

Arbortech Pty Ltd chief executive Kevin Inkster was selected for the firm's revolutionary cutting edge technology, the Petrol Allsaw.

The Petrol Allsaw can cut through wood and some of the toughest brick and stone but not softer materials like human flesh.

This is possible because the tool can be tuned to cut hard materials but will not easily cut softer materials, therefore creating a safer working environment for those who use it.

The device replaces the traditional chainsaw, which is a more dangerous and cumbersome tool compared to this hand-held, petrol-powered tool with two forward-facing, oscillating blades that simultaneously create a hammering and cutting action.

Abortech chief executive Kevin Inkster was thankful and humbled to have won the award.

"I'd like to thank my entire team for all the hard work and the great help they've provided over the years in designing this product," Mr Inkster said.

The product was also awarded the prize in the Development category, which came with a cheque for $39,000, bringing the total days earnings for Mr Inkster and Abortech to $140,000.

Science and Innovation Minister Troy Buswell presided over the ceremony and said the unique technology developed by Arbortech offered a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to some of the most dangerous tools in the world.

"Prior to the Allsaw technology being developed, no other tool has had the ability to cut square with the ease and safety of the Petrol Allsaw," Mr Buswell said.

"Advantages such as versatility, no kickback and no fly dust allows for clear differentiation from other power tools in the market place."

For the first time since the awards' inception in 2006, a second runner-up prize was awarded in each category, along with a new $20,000 Encouragement Award. This was made possible by an additional $100,000 provided by award sponsor, Mitsubishi Corporation.

The Minister said the calibre of entrants in this year's WA Inventor of the Year Award was outstanding.

"We have brilliant, talented and creative people who are achieving big things for the State and this year's entrants are an outstanding indication of the depth of talent in Western Australia," he said.

"Innovation is vital for the State's competitiveness in traditional export industries and is also the key to development of export businesses and to more efficient Government services.

"ABS data shows that 40 per cent of WA companies engage in innovative activity and more than $700 million is spent annually by business, Government, universities and other organisations on research and development activities."

Mr Buswell said the State Government was committed to making WA a competitive destination which kept innovators and innovative companies here.

"To do this, we need to keep innovators, innovative companies and entrepreneurs in WA by removing unnecessary barriers to business development and innovation through State legislation, regulation, approval processes and taxation incentives," he said.

The WA Inventor of the Year Award is administered by the Innovation Centre WA under the Department of Industry and Resources.

The awards aim to help industry, Government, academia and schools work collaboratively to foster an environment of innovation, as well as assist the promotion of innovation.

A list of award winners is below.

Award Winners - 2008 WA Inventor of the Year

2008 WA Inventor of the Year Award
 Arbortech Pty Ltd for Petrol Allsaw (Kevin Inkster)

Ready for Market Category
 Winner - Australian Centre for Geomechanics (University of Western Australia) for HEA Mesh (Yves Potvin)
- A High Energy Absorption (HEA) Mesh to absorb energy and prevent rock fall during underground mining.

 Runner-Up - Fusion Books for Multi-User Online Publishing System (Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht)
- An innovative web application which creates yearbooks allowing simple collaboration between students and staff.

 Runner-Up - TheBuzz Corp Pty Ltd for TheBuzz (Kevin Flynn)
- A 'plug and play' unit which connects between a user's existing telephone handset and the wall socket, without direct internet access.

Development Category
 Winner - Arbortech Pty Ltd for Petrol Allsaw (Kevin Inkster)

 Runner-Up - Metro Power Company for E2M® Energy and Emission Reduction (Timothy Edwards)
- A hybrid statistical/modelling methodology that will very accurately predict the quantity and usage time for each type of energy consumption and related greenhouse emission.

 Runner-Up - AB Health Pty Ltd for Milk Antibodies on Tap (Guan Tay)
- A proprietary vaccination developed for stimulating sustained production of specific antibodies in the milk of livestock.

Early Stage Category
 Winner - Curtin University of Technology for Cold Pain Test Kit (Penny Moss and team)
- A diagnostic tool used to identify patients at risk of developing chronic pain disorder.

 Runner-Up - Lions Eye Institute Ltd (University of Western Australia) for Vision Testing System and Kiosks (Yogesan Kanagasingam)
- A unique software system to test children for blindness and vision abnormalities.

 Runner-Up - Edith Cowan University for Integrated Broadband Digital Photonic Link (Kamal Alameh and Budi Juswardy)
- A light-based link to digitalise radio frequency which can be used to transmit large volumes of data through a high quality wireless broadband network.

Mitsubishi Corporation Encouragement Award
 Lions Eye Institute Ltd (UWA) for Vision Testing System and Kiosks (Yogesan Kanagasingam)



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