INFLUENCE: The MUA holds substantial sway over proceedings at the nation’s ports. Photo: iStockphoto/Kokkai Ng

MUA an unwelcome anachronism

How does an old-style brawling union still sway our modern leaders?

There are some among us who think the rules don’t apply to them.

We all know the various types; they either dodge taxes, ignore social obligations, or avoid responsibility for anything that doesn’t suit their purposes.


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Bull Creek
They come a time when enough is enough. Time to deregister the MUA and hold the officers accounable.

Another good example of a rogue dinosaur that doesn’t belong in 21st century Australia is the FWC itself, which prevents 200,000 employees in retail sector from directing their Default Super contributions into any other Industry Super Fund [or any other fund] outside of REST. This is simply ridiculous.

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