19/03/2014 - 13:52

MRA releases two Midland development sites

19/03/2014 - 13:52


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MRA releases two Midland development sites
The development sites are located adjacent to the Midland Railway Workshops.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority has placed two development sites adjacent to the Midland Railway Workshops and Woodbridge Lakes Estate on the market.

The MRA said the first site, at lot 808 Main Gate, would be suitable for a three or four-storey mixed use development.

The other site comprises lots 900-925 on Platingshop Terrace, which would provide a developer 26 residential lots for townhouse or apartment projects.

The lots vary in size from 180sqm to 233sqm.

Design guidelines including a minimum of two storeys and a maximum of three storeys apply to the Platingshop Terrace sites.

Both of the development areas are listed on the State Register of Heritage Places and are located within walking distance to Midland train station and the Centrepoint shopping centre.

An offers to purchase campaign which closes on April 30 is being run by Burgess Rawson.


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