Lighter Note: Conspiracies fly over gas crisis

25/06/2008 - 22:00


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Lighter Note: Conspiracies fly over gas crisis
There’s nothing The Note likes better than a conspiracy theory, and there’s nothing like an explosion that stops 30 per cent of the state’s gas from reaching its users to prompt a few. So we felt it was time to canvass a few of the many conspiracies that have reached us, some in seriousness, some in jest, not to mention a couple we made up ourselves. So here they are, in no particular order of importance: •It was the coal industry, to highlight the risk of over-reliance on gas. •It was the gas industry, to push up the price of gas. •It was the nuclear industry, to highlight the need for diversity. •It was new pipeline proponents, seeking to create a need. •It was existing pipeline owners, to show gas producers are the problem. •It was North West Shelf, because it wanted to maximise profits. •It was Apache, because it wants to renegotiate gas contracts. •It was industry, because they don’t want to renegotiate gas contracts. •It was the Reserve Bank, to dampen demand and therefore inflation. •It was the state Liberals, to make state Labor look ineffectual. •It was state Labor, to make the state Liberals look ineffectual. •It was Troy Buswell, to deflect attention. Ditto for Fran Logan. •It was Alan Carpenter, to attract attention.


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