Transport Minister Dean Nalder. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Leighton consortium favoured for Roe 8

The state government has named a consortium led by Leighton Contractors as the preferred proponent for construction of the $500 million Roe 8 highway project, which is the first leg of the contentious Perth Freight Link.


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This article should read 'The state government is pushing on with Roe 8 despite not knowing how to connect the Perth Freight Link to the port and not having illustrated a clear business plan to prove the project's worth'. Another example of Emperor Colin stubbornly pushing ahead with a project that is poorly planned and does not represent the needs or wants of the constituents. If the Roe 8 link is so necessary, why did the state government not attend a Senate inquiry hearing into the project earlier this month? Why has Infrastructure Australia only been presented with two scenarios to evaluate; building the Perth Freight Link or not building it? Should there not be some consideration to a third option, the development of an outer harbour at Kwinana to handle container freight? Fremantle Port is going to be at capacity in 10-15 years, so why is this short-sighted government hell-bent on sinking so much money of its tight budget into a project that likely isn't going to provided the benefits they are spruiking? In addition to that, the Perth Freight Link as it stands still doesn't have a clear connection to the port - it's only been planned to Stirling Bridge, which is already a traffic bottleneck most of the day and even worse at peak hour. What a fantastic idea funnelling more trucks into that area is! How this government can hand out contracts for a road that they haven't even completely planned is mind-boggling! This Roe 8 plan is not a solution to the problem, it's merely shifting it to a different, extremely expensive road.

If you're not a misinformed fool like Charles Grodin you'll realise that this is a great move by the government. Roe 8 (if you speak to any engineer, or anyone who doesn't have their head up their arse) will significantly improve traffic flow around that area, funnelling traffic away from built up areas. This is a significant development, its just a shame that labor in all their stupidity sold off the land to gullible fools who though blindly that maybe the Roe won't go through. I can't wait for Roe 9 for it to go all the way to the ocean. They will, however have to demolish the houses of the fools who built on the land once it was sold off. Which is quite okay, those people deserve it for not researching before they bought the land.

Perhaps you should have a read of the transcript of the Senate inquiry into the Perth Freight Link to better understand that it is just an expensive road to nowhere that would simply shift the container congestion from one highway to another. Instead of trucks going down Leach Highway through Melville, trucks would instead go down Roe Highway to Stock Road, then have to end up back on Leach Highway anyway. And Roe 9 doesn't actually go to the ocean, as it's planned it simply goes to the south side of the river, doing nothing to address the choke point at Tydeman Road and the Stirling Bridge. It's a flawed plan that needs to be shelved in favour of committing to developing an outer harbour at Kwinana, a plan that would actually shift the traffic away from built up areas.

Any sensible evaluation of Roe 8 would see that far from being poorly planned, the planned route is ideally placed to service a future container port in Cockburn Sound. It is also a plan that has been in place for decades as part of the wider plan for Perth. I lived adjacent to the Beeliar wetlands in the early nineties and it was known then that the road reserve was in place for the future link. The environmental argument is spurious given that there is an operating roadway in place now on that reserve as well as an existing High voltage power easement reserve, which I understand Roe 8 will follow. The group against Roe 8 have themselves pictured alongside the lush lawns and waters of Bibra Lake, but that's not where the link will be built. If anyone doubts it go have a look and you will see the old horse paddocks and sandy easement.

It is indeed sad that minorities protesting their position fail to see their method of protest would generate yet greater objection if they were successful. Though I don't agree their position in this protest against the Roe 8 project, I support their right to do so; right up to the point where they break the law. Minorities must be considered in the decision making process, however, once the decision is made, they must accept the consequences of their actions; that is how our society functions. When previous government removed the reserved land long set aside for this project, the protests were cried down and the protesters told, "if you don't like it you will get the opportunity at the polls." Now, the protest against reinstatement of the original city / port plan can do the same, change it at the polls.

Will be a great boost for jobs and growth - cant wait to see it underway

Will small businesses be affected, small transport operators? 'Will there be legislation to ensure regular users, Mums n Dads won't be affected'?' Even if there was legislation to keep the FUC to truckers only (its not a toll, it's a Freight User Charge, Barnett promised no toll last election), Colin Teflon Barnett can ignore that legislation. IGNORES EPA policies IGNORES Cultural Heritage listing IGNORES FESA fire bans #noFUCksgiven #slipperyope

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